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50 Megs of web space. - Scalability
Secure Sockets Layer
PHP Version 4.1.2
FrontPage 2002 Extensions Available
Dansie Shopping Cart Available
MySQL Database Available
Server Side Includes
Control Panel to automate email accounts.
10 pop3 email accounts.
Vacation Auto Responders
Web based email included.
Web based ftp included.
Use your favorite ftp program or email client.

Business Plan Hosting Signup Form

Required Items *

Domain Name*

You will need to register your domain name, if it has NOT already been registered.
If your domain name has been registered, YOU will need to set the DNS servers to the information below in order for your domain name to point at your account. If you need assistance with this service. Please contact us.



I wish to pay on an annual basis. 1 annual payment of $250.00


Shopping Cart Features:
  Install Single License Dansie Cart and in /cgi-bin - $250.00
         Extra Support for your Shopping Cart? [complete customization] - $90.00/per hour

  Mall Dansie Shopping Cart remotely hosted on secure server? - [$75.00 setup+24.00/year recurring]

stuff.dat database editor for use with cart? DEMO +$40.00 [one time fee]
tracking.dat database editor for use with cart?  DEMO ( use IE ) +$40.00[one time fee]

  MySQL DATABASE +$75.00 [one time fee]

*Please choose your desired password for your account.
(example crcc2233)

Please read the Terms of Service!



Our Servers are located on the VERIO Backbone with multiple OC-3 and OC-12 Lines. They are maintained 24/7 365 days a year by network engineers who continually monitor bandwidth usage and add additional capacity when necessary to ensure that enough bandwidth is available to handle traffic spikes and growth. Our servers are checked every 15 minutes for uptime.

Have Questions? Call us 775-751-9244 8am-7pm PST or Email us at and see what we can do for you!
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